Music publicity / job talk for a minute: giving away a couple tracks

In a typical publicity campaign, several focus tracks are offered up for download. Writers can post these for their readers.

Sometimes bands are afraid that giving away two tracks will hurt their sales. That’s a valid concern. 

I LOVE studying SoundCloud analytics, and I’ve found that when we make a track available for download, that track often has thousands of plays, but the download count is low. There is a steady trend of 10% I’m seeing.  When we don’t make the track available for download, I get emails from bloggers and writers who want to cover the band, but need to offer a track download to keep with their coverage format.

Given that trend, it seems more advantageous to me to offer a couple sample tracks, and be heard.

Take the guitar-driven indie rock sound we all love, strip it naked and paint it with blood, then film it from an oblique, David Lynchian angle, and you might achieve the infectiously discomforting aesthetic Airstrip have perfected on Willing. Described as “Nightmare Pop” by frontman Matthew Park, Airstrip’s music is confrontational, hypnotic, and dark. Park formed Airstrip in the wake of his previous band Veelee’s demise, recruiting players from left-of-center NC heavy hitters Horseback, Caltrop, and Gross Ghost to bring an undeniable sonic weight to his gloomy, laconic melodies. After touring regionally in 2012, landing a spot at Raleigh’s Hopscotch Festival and opening for Godspeed You Black Emperor, Airstrip entered Track and Field Studios in Carrboro to record their debut full-length, Willing.

RIYL: Liars, Broadcast, Jesus and Mary Chain, Unwound, Archers of Loaf, The Pixies, Joy Division, Tame Impala, Moon Duo, Wire, Pylon

Cy Dune (Seth of Akron/Family) - “Move The Room”

Burger Records / Family Tree Records

Airstrip - “Pleasure Center”